The entire curriculum lays its emphasis on three dimensions, and the specific courses identify students' core competency for master program are listed below:

Research Methods
Research Methods of Education (I)
Research Methods of Education (II)
Advanced statistics
Educational Statistics and Computer Application
Multivariate Data Analysis
Foundation and Theories
Seminar on Sociology of Adult Education
Seminar on Adult Education Philosophy
Seminar on History of Adult Education
Seminar on Comparative Adult Education
Core Courses
eminar on Adult Development and Aging
Seminar on Adult Education Program Planning
Reserch in Web-based Learning
Marketing in Adult Education
Seminar on Creativity to Business
Seminar on Evaluating the Adult Education Program
Seminar on Adult Learning
Seminar on Teaching Adult
Design of Computer-based learning materials
Professional Development
Seminar on Human Resource Development and Management
Seminar on Training & Developmant
Seminar on Community Education
Seminar on Organizational Learning
Seminar on Women's Education
Seminar on Literacy Education
Seminar on Career Guidance and Conselling
Seminar on Adult Education Administration and Organization Management
The Management of Non-profit Organization