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    Our vision is “Make everybody indulge in lifelong learning”. Our missions are to promote adult learning and development, establish the value and dignity of old age, in effort being a theoretical research pioneer, a premier of teaching innovation, the cradle of practical promotion, and the leading think tank of policy planning in adult and elderly education fields.

    Therefore, we will foster our students to have 1.Languages and information ability, 2.Cognitive ability and attunement to the humanities. 3.Exploration of goals in career development, 4. Recognition of local and international trends in adult and elderly education, and 5.The ability of planning, teaching, and management. Our faculty members are equipped as competent educators in Taiwan in the field of Adult Education. Their specialties include human resources development and management, creative planning, program management, education marketing, community development, and older adults’ learning.

    Under the vision and mission, the goal of the department covers the cultivation of four categories of talents. Departmental affairs, research, curriculum planning and teaching, student counseling, and practical promotion are all carried out around the vision and educational goals. The department cultivates:
1. Teaching innovative talents.
2. Planning and practical promotion of talents.
3. Policy planning and promotion of talents.
4. Adult education research talents.