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Chuang, Su-Min

Ms. Zeng is responsible for the administrative affairs for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education.

Tel:886-5-2720411 ext 26101 E-mail:cyiaace@ccu.edu.tw

Zeng, Yu-Xin

Mr. Zeng deals with the Research projects management and students affairs.

Tel:886-5-2720411 ext 26102 E-mai:admtph@ccu.edu.tw

SHIU, Shiue-Er

Ms. Shiu is the janitor for the department.

Tel:886-5-2720411 ext 26103 E-mai:admsou@ccu.edu.tw


Mr. Shi deals with the On-the-Job Training Program.

Tel:886-5-2720411 ext 26107 E-mail:astsyz@ccu.edu.tw