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Educational goals

To nurture talents of design, planning and executing projects, marketing and management, and development of educational organization and management in the field of adult education

Professional Core Competencies

1.   Projects planning
2.   Development of teaching
3.   Talent development
4.   Organization management

Common Core Competencies

5.   Communication and expressing opinions
6.   Problem solving
7.   Cross-field collaboration
8.   Creative thinking
9.   Critical thinking
10. International vision
11. Intelligent technology

Career Direction

According to the Ministry of Labor, master students possess certain extent of professional knowledge, skills, and ability to make decisions and judgement within three to five years after their graduation and their jobs are meeting the Level 4 of the Occupational Competency Standard. This means, they can independently conduct and manage their works, which require experience and skills, under little supervision in variable and unconventional situations.

They can work in the following fields as professional talents:

1. Human resources development and education and training planning in public and private sectors: for example, working in social education organizations, continuing education centers in universities, or education training departments in corporates as education trainers, in management consulting companies and governmental personnel training organizations as digital learning course design consultants, human resources development specialties

2. Education or project planning and implementing in non-profit organizations, for example, working in community development associations, community colleges or private cultural and educational foundation as chief executive officers, community planners, planning commissioners or director generals