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Educational goals

1. To nurture in-service students to have correct attitude and abilities of lifelong learning
2. To strengthen in-service students’ abilities of innovation and change
3. To guide the students’ learning and studying methods and improving their abilities through research
4. To develop the students’ comprehensive abilities of thinking, planning, teaching and promoting

Professional Core Competencies

1.  Lifelong learning
2.  Creativity
3.  Planning skills
4.  Execution skills

Common Core Competencies

5.  Communication and expressing opinions
6. Teamwork
7. Social Service

Career Direction

According to the Ministry of Labor, in-service master students possess certain extent of professional knowledge, skills, and ability to make decisions and judgement within three to five years after their graduation and their jobs are meeting the Level 4 of the Occupational Competency Standard. This means, they can independently conduct and manage their works, which require experience and skills, under little supervision in variable and unconventional situations.

They work mainly in adult education organizations or conduct works about senior citizens education, or they can choose other working paths to work in communities, non-profit organizations, organizations for senior citizens as freelance lecturers, project managers, community planners, executive secretaries, as well as professional talents in other career paths.

The alumni work at Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Chia-Yi West District Community College, and Active Aging Learning Center in Chia-Yi City, etc.