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Educational goals

To nurture talents of designing courses for senior citizens, innovation and management of adults and senior citizens, and academic research of adults and senior citizens.

Professional Core Competencies

1. Adults Teaching
2. Project managers of adult education
3. Administrative Leading of adult education
4. Adult education research

Common Core Competencies

5. Communication and expressing opinions
6. Teamwork
7. Social Service
8. Critical thinking

Career Direction

According to the Ministry of Labor, PhD students possess the ability to apply, integrate and systematize professional knowledge and technology, as well as strategic thinking and judgement, within three to five years after their graduation and their jobs are meeting the Level 5 of the Occupational Competency Standard. This means, they are able to independently finish their works under minimal supervision in variable and unconventional situations.

They can work in the following organizations as professional talents:

1. Assistant professors or R&D personnel in humanities and social education related departments in colleges and universities

2. Senior managers of organizations related to adult education or education for senior citizens

3. Talents of market research and data analysists of lifelong education

4. Talents of planning and promoting policies in public sectors

The alumni after they receive their degrees work as assistant professors at different universities, including Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, China Medical University and National Pingtung University, as well as the Center for Innovative Research on Aging Society at National Chung Cheng University.