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The department of the Adult and Continuing Education is organizing the 2022 Free Lecturer Training program to enhance students' teaching competencies and provide job opportunities

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The purpose of the 2022 Free Lecturer Training program is to increase our department's students' knowledge of adult and elderly teaching practices, cultivate their abilities in teaching design and delivery, and open up future opportunities for them to work as professional lecturers. The target audience includes undergraduate and graduate students in our department who are interested in or would like to learn about adult teaching practices.

The training has taken place over two days on April 17th and 24th to enhance students' teaching competencies. Afterward, from April 25th to May 13th, students will undergo internships at collaborating institutions. Online guidance will be provided to assist students in completing their lesson plans, and on May 22nd, a competition will be held to evaluate their lesson plans. Outstanding winners will receive assistance from our department in finding job opportunities.

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